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COVID-19 Procedures

Welcome Back! Quality Care Provided Safely.

We are so excited to be welcoming you back to Sullivan Dental Partners and look forward to seeing each one of you very soon! We would like to highlight some of the additional precautions, protocols, and services that will be combined with your routine and restorative dental appointments. 

First and foremost, we are still committed to providing you with friendly, caring, exceptional dentistry in an upbeat and positive way. We strive to provide excellent clinical dentistry with a clear focus on systemic health, ideal function, and aesthetically beautiful smiles. This will continue to be our focus. 


*Call the office if you are not greeted within five minutes of your appointment time. 

What's happening at Sullivan Dental Partners?

  1. As you know, this global pandemic has been life-altering on many levels. Routines have been disrupted, unemployment increased, and uncertainty a common theme amongst everyone.  Keep in mind that the one constant through all of this is a dental office's unique training and readiness to be faced with contagions, pathogens, aerosols, bacteria, and viruses.  Throughout the years, dentistry has had to evolve and adapt. Historically, being at increased risk when treating patients in close proximity to the oral cavity.  Please be assured that during this time we have spent countless hours preparing for your return by elevating both our knowledge and skills and elevating our standard of care.  We are extremely prepared to receive you back into our practice. 
  2. Dental Professionals are highly trained in the area of Infection Control. This begins early in our education and is required to maintain licensure in the state of Tennessee. We have specifically designated one of our longest-standing employees, Melanie, to helping implement and regulate the Infection Control within our office. Melanie is a Registered Dental Hygienist with many years of experience, and we have been so happy to have her transition into this role in our office. In addition, numerous adjunctive educational courses have been taken to ensure that any and all precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of employees and all patients.  
  3. Disinfection and sterilization procedures occur between all patients and routinely throughout the day. Comprehensive training has been completed to provide team members with best practices and resources to keep the patient care setting as safe as possible for clients and staff. 

What you can expect upon Arrival to Your Appointment? 

  1. When you arrive, text our office number (615) 373-1012 to let us know that you have arrived along with the Color, Make, and Model of your car.  You will be instructed to complete a COVID questionnaire by a team member.  If you would like to fill it out before your appointment, please click on the following link to access the form. FORMS
  2. As you approach the building and head to the office be sure that you have a face mask, as they are required.  Please WAIT OUTSIDE the office, six feet from anyone else, or WAIT IN YOUR CAR. We will come out to greet you, as we are anticipating your arrival. If you have not been greeted five minutes prior to appointment time, please text the office at (615) 373-1012.  You will be offered hand sanitizer, then screened with a set of questions, your temperature will be taken at this time. This information will be recorded. Please keep in mind, this is all prior to your appointment so feel free to arrive a few minutes early.  You may be asked to wait outside. 
  3. Once through the screening process, you will be seated as soon as possible. Payments may be collected at entry, depending on the individual circumstances to reduce the number of people needing to check out at the front desk.  Please keep in mind this is to limit interactions with personnel and potentially harmful aerosols.  Hand sanitizer will be available prior to, and throughout the visit.  
  4. If a minor (Under Age of 18) has an appointment, please call the office to discuss this appointment and recommendations for accompanying a minor.  We also ask that you inform the office if you require assistance from a caretaker, driver, or family member during your visit as we have a protocol to follow under these circumstances.
  5. Please do not bring children with you unless they have an appointment to be seen. 


What you can expect During Your Appointment?

  1. In addition to the Standard Precautions already adhered to by dental professionals, Dr. Sullivan has implemented the following: Staggered Appointment Times, Social Distancing Protocols, and minimized Aerosol Production. 
  2. Additional stand-alone vacuums for Aerosol Retrieval and Medical Grade Air Filtering systems have been installed.  Dr. Sullivan has purchased additional air filtration to ensure we exceed current recommendations.
  3. Staff will be wearing protective equipment to ensure your safety and theirs.  
  4. Prior to any treatment, patients will be asked to rinse with a hydrogen peroxide-based solution to help minimize the bacterial and viral count in the mouth.  Longer appointments may require additional rinses.

What you can expect After Your Appointment?

  1. Following your appointment, you may be asked to be seated briefly. You will leave promptly when advised to do so, to minimize interaction with staff and other clients. 
  2. If necessary, we will quickly collect payment and schedule any follow-up visits. We may choose to call you if needed to do this. You are also welcome to call and follow up with any additional questions or concerns.
  3. Immediately following your appointment, we will communicate with the rest of the team to confirm it is clear for patients to exit. 

All the Extras:

Dr. Rick and Dr. Sully are continually reevaluating the situation regarding infection prevention within the dental setting. Additional measures are taken daily to routinely disinfect all frequently touched surfaces both in and outside of the clinical workspace. 

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Preprocedural Rinse, to decrease potentially harmful bacteria and viruses present in saliva that may become aerosolized will be used prior to each procedure. 
  • Surgical grade High level 4 stage HEPA Filtration covering all square footage of the office.  Dr. Sullivan has purchased twice as many as recommended for the square footage of the office and they are routinely being used. 
  • The Isolite, for high-performing isolation during restorative procedures, minimizing aerosols that may contain potentially infectious agents.
  • We will continue to incorporate approved, vetted equipment as well as additional adjunctive services to aid in minimizing and eliminating infectious agents.
If you have difficulty using our website, please email us or call us at (615) 373-1012