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What is dental bonding?

tooth | Dental Bonding Brentwood TNDental Bonding is a non-invasive way of fixing chipped teeth, cosmetic corrections or defects in teeth that patients don’t like. The beauty of bonding is it's much more affordable than traditional porcelain or ceramic veneers and it can be polished or adjusted very easily. Dental bonding is done using esthetic composite or filling material that actually bonds to the tooth. Therefore, there is minimal prepping or reduction to the teeth if any at all to get the esthetic result patients want.

What is Dental Bonding Used For?

We can use bonding to address a wide array of concerns. The best way to find the right treatment for your needs is to visit our office for a consultation. We'll evaluate your dental needs, and can help you determine the best options for your health and your budget moving forward. 

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