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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Children's Dentistry

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We certainly don't expect you to be an expert on dental care, which is why we encourage your questions. Being informed about a procedure and why it's necessary helps you feel more confident when making decisions about your family's dental care. 

We've shared some of the questions we hear most often, but if you don't see yours here, please give us a call. A member of our team will be happy to find the answer you need or arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors.

Children's Dentistry

The general recommendation of the American Dental Association is that children see the dentist when their first tooth appears but no later than their first birthday.

As a parent, you may wonder why your child needs to be seen at such a young age. There are a couple of good reasons for this recommendation.child | children's Dentist Brentwood Tn

Taking care of baby teeth

First, even though they will eventually come out, baby teeth play a significant role in your child’s dental development. Baby teeth hold space for permanent teeth that are already developing in the gums so that when these teeth do emerge, they will erupt in the proper position.


Getting your child used to the dental office

Second, and possibly more importantly, your child deserves a positive start with their oral health care. This involves helping your child get comfortable with us and accustomed to the strange surroundings of a dental office. A child who has nothing but positive dental experiences is far more likely to be proactive with their dental health as an adult.

Sullivan Dental Partners is a fourth generation dental office and has been practicing children's dentistry in Brentwood, TN for decades. You can trust our team to know just how to handle your child’s unique needs so they grow up feeling confident about their dental care.

Please call us to arrange your child’s next appointment!

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