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How We Correct Gum Recession with Pinhole Treatments

February 8, 2022
Posted By: Sullivan Dental Partners
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Gum recession is synonymous with gum disease, a serious condition of the gums and ligaments that support your teeth. If you suffer from gum disease or suspect you might have it, it’s essential to see your Brentwood, TN dentist.

About Gum Disease

Gum disease is a condition that means multiple infections and inflammation throughout your gums, oral ligaments, and related tissues. It is typically post-gingivitis, which is a treatable condition. Unfortunately, full periodontitis is merely treatable.

Gingivitis symptoms can be subtle, but both gingivitis and gum disease may present with:

  • Periodic toothaches or tooth sensitivity
  • Gum recession and a longish appearance to teeth
  • Bleeding gums, especially during flossing and brushing
  • Bad breath that persists even after brushing and flossing
  • Gum pocketing or gums pulling away from teeth

Gum disease is preventable with excellent oral hygiene and regular dental visits for exams and teeth cleanings.

Be sure to brush at least twice daily and always before bed. Brushing after every meal is preferable. And it would be best if you were flossing at least once. We also recommend visiting your dentist twice yearly for dental exams and teeth cleanings for best results.

How We Treat Gum Recession

At Sullivan Dental Partners, we bring the latest technologies to our patients, including options that provide less invasive dental treatments and promote an easier recovery.

One of these technologies—pinhole gum recession treatment—allows your dentist to make tiny holes in the gum tissue as you relax under powerful anesthesia. We then gently lift the gum tissue to cover your teeth better. This is not a traumatic treatment, and it involves no scalpels.  

When your gums better adhere to your teeth, it improves your oral health and lessens gum disease symptoms. It is a way to save your teeth and enjoy a pain-free smile.

For Gum Recession Treatment in Brentwood, TN, Contact Us

Gum disease and gum recession can lead to tooth loss and even systemic health complications. We are here to provide compassionate care to help you enjoy your best life!

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