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Foods to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner—And What to Eat Instead

November 20, 2019
Posted By: Sullivan Dental Partners
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Thanksgiving is almost here! Catching up with friends and family, watching football together, and the food—oh, the piles of wonderful, yummy food! Turkey with all the fixings and scrumptious desserts await!

The dental team at Sullivan Dental Partners loves the holidays, too, and we want you to relax and enjoy yourself. You can indulge to your heart’s content, just keep in mind that you risk derailing your healthy diet and putting yourself at greater risk for tooth decay.

Foods to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner

You don’t have to miss out on all your favorite indulgences, just use common sense, and don’t overdo it. Your dentist in Brentwood, TN has some tips to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast, so here are some typical holiday treats that aren’t great for your teeth and what you can eat instead.

  • Sugary or carbonated drinks – They’re high in sugar that can lead to cavities, and even worse, they’re highly acidic and bad for your teeth. Drinking water is your best bet, and even drinking red or white wine is a better choice, but it's also acidic, so sip water while you indulge, which helps neutralize acidity.
  • Sticky sweets or baked goods—For many people, desserts are the star of Thanksgiving dinner, and if you’re going to indulge, the holidays are the time to do it! But be sure to rinse your mouth with water soon after eating and remember to brush and floss your teeth when you get home.
  • All-day snacks—It’s easy to snack on nuts and chips throughout the day, but it’s not ideal for your teeth. Instead, opt for cheese that increases the amount of saliva in your mouth and raises the pH to fight decay. Cheese is also rich in protein and calcium, and both help strengthen your teeth.

Schedule Your Post-Thanksgiving Exam

The team at Sullivan Dental Partners wants to wish you and yours a safe and joyful Thanksgiving. When the dust settles on the holiday, call your dentist in Brentwood, TN to schedule a dental cleaning and exam.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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