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The Importance of Replacing Damaged and Missing Teeth

February 26, 2022
Posted By: Sullivan Dental Partners
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Has one of your teeth been bothering you for quite some time? Maybe you visited the dentist, and an extraction may be the only option. Should you worry about replacing the tooth?

Besides damaging a smile, missing teeth can detrimentally affect oral health in a few ways. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers several tooth replacement options that can support a healthy and cosmetically sound smile for years to come.

What Happens if I Don’t Replace a Missing or Damaged Tooth?

Those who decide to live with gaps between their teeth or a damaged tooth may deal with some adverse effects immediately and in the long term. Some of the first factors patients may encounter include:

  • Potential issues with speech
  • Difficulty chewing certain foods
  • Damaged cosmetic appearance
  • Discomfort due to exposed gums
  • Decay affecting the gums
  • Pain from infection
  • Lowered self-esteem in social situations

Some of the longer-term points of concern from missing or damaged teeth include:

  • Eventual tooth loss from decay
  • Shifting teeth due to weakness or collapse in dental structure
  • Prone to ongoing tooth loss
  • Potential for bone loss
  • Drooping facial structure lacking support of teeth and jawbone

Tooth Replacement in Brentwood, TN

For patients wishing to avoid further damage to their smile, several tooth replacement options can safeguard and improve their oral health safely and sustainably for years to come. A few common tooth replacement options include:

  • Dental implants give patients a near-life-like tooth replacement option in both function and appearance.
  • Dentures are a time-tested, reliable option for patients missing several or all of their teeth.
  • Dental bridges support teeth on either side of a gap left by a lost or extracted tooth.

We want to support our patients and their teeth at Sullivan Dental Partners, especially when a tooth goes missing! For further information on tooth replacement options, please reach out to our office at (615) 373-1012

Benefits of Tooth Replacement

We understand that some patients may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of undergoing a tooth replacement procedure. Still, we can find the best solution for your smile with professional consultation and guidance! Patients who undergo successful tooth replacements can expect some of the following improvements to their oral health:

  • Improved cosmetic appearance
  • Support for other facial structures and the jawbone
  • Ability to speak and chew normally
  • Motivation to maintain oral health regularly
  • Increased self-esteem while taking photos and engaging in social situations
  • Overall improvement for oral health outlook

A complete smile can do wonders for patients, especially after dealing with gaps from missing teeth.

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