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Straighter Teeth, Better Oral Health: Why You Should Consider Clear Braces

January 15, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Richard Sullivan
Clear Aligners | Invisalign Brentwood TN

Like many adults who want straighter teeth, your main concern is probably improved aesthetics. But orthodontic treatment with options like clear braces in Brentwood also has a positive impact on your overall oral health.

Straight Teeth are Healthy Teeth

Adult patients like the idea of straightening their teeth with clear aligners because of the convenience they offer compared to metal orthodontics:

  • Clear aligners make your treatment discreet
  • No irritation to your cheeks and lips from metal and wires
  • Removable aligners allow you to brush, floss, and eat your favorite foods
  • Shorter overall treatment times for adults, usually about 12 to 15 months

But even more importantly, when you straighten your teeth with clear braces, you minimize your risk for certain oral health problems: 

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

It’s hard to keep crooked and crowded teeth clean because your brush and floss can’t reach into the tight spaces between them. Lack of proper oral hygiene leads to further problems like decay and gum disease that develop in these hard-to-reach places and require treatment to correct.

Dental Erosion and Bite Problems

Crooked and crowded teeth are often the result of a problem with the way your teeth fit together, which is called your dental bite. A bad bite places abnormal stress on certain teeth, which leads to discomfort and worn teeth that may require restorations like fillings or crowns.

Are Clear Braces the Right Choice for You?

Clear braces offered at our Brentwood, TN dental office can straighten crooked teeth and address mild to moderate bite problems. Treatment is comfortable, discreet, and usually takes less time to straighten teeth than metal orthodontics.

Over the years, Dr. Rick and Dr. Sully have helped many of our patients enjoy the benefits of a straight, healthy smile. If you want to see if clear braces are the right choice for you, please call Sullivan Dental Partners to arrange a commitment-free consultation. 

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