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5 Tips to Help Your Child Avoid Dental Anxiety

January 31, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Richard Sullivan
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Do you experience dental anxiety? Can you trace it back to a negative experience you had as a child? Unfortunately, millions of adults avoid dental visits for this reason and suffer increased oral health problems as a result.

No parent wants to expose their child to anxiety, and there’s actually a lot you can do to help set your child up for a successful first visit to your pediatric dentist in Brentwood, TN:

#1 Start Early

Many dentists start with a “happy visit” for your child. This appointment is meant to be low-key and low-stress, and the only objective is to let them take a look around and get familiar with new sights, sounds, and faces.

For children, there’s comfort in predictability and meeting with the dentist in a non-threatening manner helps build trust and lets them view the dental office as a friendly place.

#2 Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

If you have negative feelings about dentistry, keep them to yourself. Kids pick up on everything, and regardless of how well you prepare them, they can still get stressed. Don’t add to it with your negativity.

#3 Stay Positive

Talk about dentistry in positive terms and avoid words like “hurt” or “pain.” Using phrases like “happy teeth” or “sugar bugs” puts a positive, lighthearted spin on their oral health care.

#4 Choose a Kid-Friendly Dentist

There’s a difference between a dentist who treats children and a dentist who enjoys treating children. It can benefit your child’s oral health in the long term if you seek out a dental professional with a good track record of providing the gentle care that children need.

#5 Don't Use Bribes

It might seem like a good idea to reward your child with candy or ice cream after a dental visit. But this sends the message that the experience is something to be endured. Follow the tips above, and you won’t need a bribe to get them into the dental chair.

We Want to Be Your Child’s Dental Home

At Sullivan Dental Partners, we’re parents and grandparents who love working with children. If you are looking for quality pediatric dentistry in Brentwood, TN, please call us to arrange a time for you and your child to stop by for a visit!

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