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Why are dental implants a smart tooth replacement?

When one of your teeth falls out or gets extracted, you’re left with a gap in your smile. 

While you may think this gap is purely a cosmetic nuisance, it also poses a threat to the stability of your smile. When natural teeth go missing, you need to replace them right implant diagrom in brentwood tn

At Sullivan Dental Partners, we offer a straightforward solution to this problem: dental implants in Brentwood, TN. Our dentists recommend dental implants to anyone who is a candidate because implants provide the best tooth-replacement option on the market today. 

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a smart treatment option for many reasons. Below, our dentists discuss three of them in more detail. 

First, dental implants do not move around in your mouth. Once our dentists place your dental implant in Brentwood, TN, it stays fixed in your jawbone, and you never have to remove it or worry about it sliding around.

Second, dental implants eliminate the possibility of jaw bone loss because they provide an artificial replacement for your tooth roots. Your dental implant will help keep your jaw healthy and prevent your other teeth from shifting around or gradually moving out of position.

Third, dental implants in Brentwood, TN look like your natural teeth. The only visible portion of your dental implant is the porcelain tooth crown, which blends right in with your natural smile. You will never be able to see the titanium implant post or the metal implant abutment. You can always count on your implants to be discreet and beautiful. 

Dental Implants in Brentwood, TN

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