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What are implant dentures?

Conventional dentures in Brentwood, TN are made to replace missing teeth. They fit snuggly and thereby adhere to your gums and palate. But traditional dentures are also intended to be removed when sleeping and for daily cleanings. This removability can impact how conventional dentures fit over time, making them function more and more poorly.

Replacing Your Dentures with the Implant-Supported Option

But if you are a denture wearer, you now have another option for how dentures adhere to your mouth: implant dentures. With this choice, your dentures are attached to surgically implanted tooth roots that create a permanent and secure connection between the restoration and your gum.

The advantages to this solution are numerous:

  • Comfort – Because they are attached, implant-supported dentures fit better.
  • Durability – Lack of removal helps protect them from accidents.
  • Health – The implant screw prevents bone deterioration by stimulating growth.
  • Appearance – Implant dentures look natural and never slip.

Learn More about Implant Dentures in Brentwood, TN

An implant-supported denture option can enhance your denture’s fit. The caring staff at Sullivan Dental Partners are ready to schedule an appointment for you today. Just give us a call to get started or if you have questions for our team. 

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