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What is tongue tie in babies?

A tongue-tie is present at birth and means your child has limited tongue movement, making nursing difficult. When the tongue is restricted, your child may not nurse correctly and get the needed nutrients for growth and development. Therefore, an infant tongue-tie must be treated to allow proper nursing and later speech development.

As a parent or caregiver, you want the very best for your baby. You want them to thrive and not feel frustrated or hungry when trying to nurse. You want your child to develop speech as well, and a tongue tie can stand in the way of that. A tongue-tie can also lead to orthodontic issues in the future. Fortunately, we offer successful treatment for infant tongue-tie in Brentwood, TN.

Without treatment, your baby is at risk, and tongue tie can also lead to mastitis and other breast health issues in nursing mothers.

We use a gentle technique that relies on a water laser to release a tongue-tie. This technique, called a frenectomy, promotes fast healing and is easy on babies, allowing them to latch on and nurse with ease.

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