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What Causes Tooth Sensitivity to Hot and Cold?

April 16, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Richard Sullivan
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Tooth sensitivity and discomfort is a common problem, but in some cases, it is not serious and will go away with gentler brushing and flossing—or other recommendations from your dentist in Nashville, TN.

5 Reasons Your Teeth Might Be Sensitive to Hot and Cold

We recommend two dental checkups and teeth cleanings per year, but if you notice oral health changes like tooth sensitivity between visits, it’s important to contact our office. A team member can provide advice and determine whether you should make an additional appointment.

Here are five reasons your teeth may be sensitive to hot and cold.

#1 Tooth Decay and Root Infections

An untreated cavity can lead to tooth decay. Likewise, if you have a deep root infection that needs root canal therapy, you may have sensitivity and even pain with swelling. Temperature changes—cold water or hot tea—can exacerbate these symptoms.

#2 Cleaning Your Teeth Vigorously or Teeth Whitening Products

If you brush and floss too harshly, you can wear away enamel, which leads to sensitivity. Also, teeth whitening products can spill onto gums, creating temporary pain and discomfort.

#3 Bruxism (Grinding and Clenching Your Teeth)

Bruxism can wear away tooth enamel, lead to chips and fractures, and expose tooth roots, all of which lead to sensitivity.

#4 Gum Disease

Gum disease leads to gum recession, pocketing, and loose teeth. But it also contributes to tooth sensitivity.

#5 Broken Fillings or Restorations

Broken fillings and restorations can leave nerves and pulp exposed and vulnerable to infection and sensitivity.

Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity in Nashville, TN

Your dentist can assess your teeth and gums to determine better why you’re having pain or discomfort to temperature. It’s important to contact us as soon as you notice changes, so sensitivity does not graduate to pain and swelling.

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